Monday, December 12, 2016

picayunish with a "P"

Is it too tall?

Is it too fat?

Is it too wide?

I can change (all) that.

A bit to the right?

Eh...a tad to the left?

Shall I move it to the chaise?

How 'bout over on the chair?

Shall I take it down the hall?

Now, over to the tree?

There, across the road...

Wait, I'll move'll see.


  1. Don't know the answers to your questions but do know that the pieces are lovely.

  2. Granny Annie, Not sure if the photo fits the (wee) poem but the poem is about (a person) or people who are 'hard to please...' And what endeavors a person can try and to please them...At least that was the concept....;-)

  3. Reading your comment - we've all been there, I think. :) I like the poem and the photo!

  4. Thank you Lynn...
    P.S. I was thinking of you (not in reference to the poem!) ;-) and "Voila!" here you are. Hope all is well!

    Sending mighty "hugs" to you!



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