Monday, September 19, 2016

As promised....

Color, color, color!!!!! 
...some 2016 fall garden produce. 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin!)

lg :-)


  1. Such bounty! And I spy a fairy tale eggplant in there! I'm salivating at the thought of the things you and your husband will make.

    (I'd make a tomato sandwich.) :)

  2. Yes, Lynn! We currently have outrageous salads and fresh herbs in all cooking. He 'put up' fresh tomato sauce (in zip locks in freezer) and breaded/sliced eggplant for future cooking....(saving until winter or so...) I promise to post a pic of some Kuri squash recipe/dish he makes...He is rather an 'expert' in this....(squash cooking in all it's forms!) Hope you are well, Lynn! ;-) (Cyber-hugs!)

  3. And yes, you did spy the 'wee' specialty eggplant!!! Isn't it rather cute and sweet???!

  4. It IS cute and sweet!

    I googled the Holding Crosses made in St. Simons Island, GA and found it on facebook - Kave Art. It says you can order them directly from Rev. Hanson at

    My friend and coworker who gave me my cross said she found it in a gift shop around there, but googling didn't summon up any gift shop names.

  5. Hey Lynn! Thanks so darn much :-) I will check that out on FB!!! (now.) :-)

  6. Hey Granny Annie, My husband often pickles the beets with eggs, producing our wonderfully 'famous' and rather good (pickle-like) tasting purple eggs. He also cubes and then sautees them in olive oil with shallots and fresh herbs...


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