Thursday, September 22, 2016

Yay me!!!

If you look on the side, I 'got' my "Followers" list 
and their corresponding 'Favicons'

("Why, Hello!!" ;-)
For months and months (...when I started this blog anew from Milwaukee, WI) 
I could not get this mysterious list to reappear! 
(Copy-paste-copy-paste-error message!!!) 

Celebrating you.



  1. Yay, indeed! For a minute there - I thought it might be your birthday!

  2. And thanks for being my secretary! :) That was cute. I wish I could order a cross for everyone who loved it.

  3. There is always frustration that comes with blogging and it is such a celebration when we finally beat the computer:-)

  4. Yes Granny Annie, For months and months and repeated tries, the procedure I was using to re-install did not work. Then one day, after I try and find 'other apps,' I happen to try one MORE time (they way blogger says to install the app) and ....."Voila!" I was relieved, actually. :-) :-) It made my day! ;-)

  5. I follow you but I notice that my photo does not show in your followers list. I wonder if you have more followers than you know!

  6. Kay G. Oh dear!!! I am hoping not! I mean, I am sorry your Favicon is not showing! Darn it, anyway!!! lg! That is nasty! Disappointing, too. (It's always something...)


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