Monday, August 9, 2010

Just a Taste

of a
Sunday evening
on the
Blue Ridge.
The open road...
come on along.
Misty mountain top;
a veil
moving in
shot from
the aqua duct.
Two long
views shots
on Beacon Heights;
two opposite views
taken from
the top
of a rocky
mountain trail...
Following Few:
The rocky trail
itself up,
strange plant life,
lovely rocks
and twisted tree.
The trees
in the forest
here are


  1. I love all the textures in your photos this morning. That last shot is so neat.

  2. I love the Blue Ridge Parkway. I went on a trip with my parents the week my divorce was final - they asked me where I'd like to go and I said I wanted to drive the parkway. We loved it.

  3. Thank you Talon; so very glad that you liked the twisted tree as much as we did! That makes me smile!

    Lynn~ I hope that the Blue Ridge is filled with good memories for you! It is a truly mystical place that can revive the weary and the tear-stained soul. Bless you and I hope that you can drive it again!


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