Monday, August 23, 2010

Saturday Frolics...

3 Good Things:
Recent rains
have caused
little tributaries to
run strong.

A stream
flowing into
the New River
runs strong
and looks much
like flowing
This rushing
noise was
the backdrop
for a concert
in Todd, N.C.
where the
87 year old
(blind) singer

Doc Watson performed
live for a group of about
100 near Todd General
Store (Middle Shot.)
On the way
out of the valley,
geese frolic
in the cool
running water.

And a
good time

was all.


  1. Such wonderful photos! It's amazing how much power water has, isn't it? That's a wonderful photo of Doc Watson. He looks like he's a master of his craft. Geese always look cheeky to me - like they're up to some kind of mischief! :)

  2. Wow! You got to see a legend in person! I'll bet that was a fabulous concert.

  3. Agreed about the geese Talon! My husband was very pleased to stumble upon this concert in the boonies...apparently Doc is 'from' somewhere near Todd and he regularly makes a showing to play across from the General Store! Todd has like...3 things in it; it literally is one very short, small road that parallels another road above!

  4. Wow-nearby Walker Creek flows into the New River as well here in southwest Virginia. I am glad I found your blog. It's very interesting. I will be back!


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