Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Barn Extravaganza

These Barn shots were all taken in North Carolina
over the last year (or two.) Enjoy this Slide Show
...come on along! Which are your favorites!?
What do you like...about barns?


  1. What a ride on the barn tour. I felt like I was riding my horse Missy trying to find a place to tie up and eat hay. Thank you.

  2. My dear sweet husband...anytime lovey :)

  3. I love barns. Thank you, lg, for the beautiful barn odyssey.

  4. Talon, why do you like barns :)

  5. I like the old really weathered barns the most. I like to think of the hands that raised its roof and the hope for the future that someone might have had when they were filling it with hay and animals and barn accoutrements the first time.

    Lovely photos, lg.

  6. "...filling it with hay and animals and barn accoutrements the first time." I like this section of your comment Lynn.
    Thank you!

    I too, like barns because they have a certain mystique about them (for me.) When I was a girl we would visit my Great Uncles farm regularly. I would run out to see the new calves, let them like/suck on my hand. Then I would run to find all of the new barn kittens and the cats. Farm life always held a kind of mystery, for me. Also~ from a more adult perspective, agrarian centered living promoted a close knit family life. I truly believe that it still does. Then there was the slowness and the quiet that the farm had to offer. I needed that, and I still do.


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