Monday, August 30, 2010

Elk Falls

We took a journey
to see a waterfall
this weekend.
This is Elk Falls
of Elk Park, N.C.
It is a 65 foot
drop to the
(Larger than it
looks here!)
A rocky outcropping
overhead along
the way. The path
to reach this was
less than 1/4 mile!
Next Several:
Close-ups of the
water and humongous
boulders surrounding
the fall, including
my favorite; 'Water
through Red-leafed
Next Two:
The falls itself
with the water
basin below. This
falls basin is swimable.
The mountainous
view along the
way (down.)

Come on along!
:) :)


  1. What a beautiful spot! Worth journeying to, for sure.

  2. Sixty-five feet is a lot! More than a six story building. And what a drop that is. Gorgeous! That just looks so incredibly tempting - did you swim?

  3. Talon~ My daughter swam; I did not this time (almost did it was so hot.) :) I have some great shots coming (I hope) of others JUMPING from the very TOP (wild teenagers with a death wish or something.) It was hard to watch.

  4. wonderful images!!
    looking forward to the images of the jumps from top into the pool below!!

  5. Lovely photos again.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I moderate all comments and I have now posted it.


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