Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mr. FuddyDuddle

This is a previous
subject (study)
I have saved

from another area
that I haven't
yet shared.

I nick-named
ol' fella'
because I thought
that he had obvious
and charm.
Well- he charmed me!
(Top: A close-up.)


  1. Mr. FuddyDuddle is gorgeous! Is he a white heron? I've never seen one before!

  2. Talon~ I thought he was a white heron but his head/face looks part vulture...! Maybe he was just a very old black and white heron! Anyway, he looked so cool standing there and even better in a photo!This was one of my favorite spots for water and for bird watching! A very tranquil place without much happening except the wildlife!

  3. What part of Florida? My sister lives in the panhandle - so I know that general area the most.

    I like Mr. FuddyDuddle - what a good poser!

  4. Sarasota; Longboat Key area. The photo was taken right near Mote Marine.

  5. I think he might be the very large wood stork although yours doesn't look quite like the one I saw. I posted a couple photos (almost at the end of this post):


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