Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Grandview Overlook...

Front Yard Daisy Patch Re-popping Up...Confused/Confusing,
I wonder??!

Our Christmas Sprig

Finest Walking Sticks Stand Waiting...

Grandview Overlook

I took a right quick hop up onto Grandview Overlook
(elevation 3240 feet) on the Blue Ridge Parkway
this morning. It was a balmy 47 degrees up on
the Parkway (last year on this same date it was
somewhere near 12.8 degrees for a day's HIGH and
a mere 5.8 degrees at the exact same time.
Wow. What a difference! Will someone slap me?)
It honestly feels just like spring! We will apparently
be putting our Christmas tree up in 50++ degree
weather! I have some wild white small daisies out
front that are coming back up in a sizable patch!
(That should tell you something...)

For some strange reason my camera fogged up
today, so the photos I wanted to share, of a patch of
sunlight streaming through the ribbons of dense
smoky blue cloud cover and 'kissing' the top of a
small hill, did not turn out.

We piled up our chopped wood close to the
fire box out back but we will not need
it for at least a week or two!

And our 'finest walking sticks' stand waiting
at the front door for more inclement weather!


  1. Those dandelions are die-hards, lg! :) We have some bell flowers and pansies that are suitably confused.

    I can smell the sharp tang of your Christmas sprig.

    We're experiencing the same sudden rise in temps. Odds of a white Christmas are low this year apparently. I hope that doesn't mean the snow lingers until April or May this year or something! :)

  2. I like that overlook photo and your walking sticks. My husband always find some of them..
    We have very strange weather here too.. not any snow and about 5+ degrees.

    Happe evening:-)

  3. Our marigolds and other flowers were blooming in the garden before I went away. But it's so wet and wndy now that I don't think they will still be there.

  4. Yes Talon, I have been wondering if this winter is beginning as mild as a lamb is there a big ol' LION to follow!!

  5. Spiderdama,
    Yes, walking sticks are a real commodity here with the great inclines we have. Although actual ski poles might be a bit more desirable in the heat of winter! Ohhh. 5+ degrees is still cold!

    Have a good evening yourself friend.

  6. Lynne, There are no flowers left blooming here due to about 3+ weeks of cold in the 30's on and off. Everything is brown but the grass is now greening back UP in the confusion of a spring-like heat wave! I am 'almost' sure it will be COLD for Christmas, though!


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