Friday, December 2, 2011

Tangerine Sunrise

I could barely capture
the tangerine orange glow
of the sun rising over the mountains
this morning just before 7:00.
It was lush.


  1. The sunrise is so fleeting sometimes. That one looks beautiful!

  2. Lovely aren't they? I just noticed the sunset here, collected the camera, stepped outside, and it had gone!

  3. Lynne~ So true. If I see something photo worthy, I have to almost run outside and even then, it has changed!

  4. I love when the start of the day is tangerine-tinted! So true - the light changes so quickly sometimes you just don't have time to capture it. But I'm glad you got to see it with your own eyes :)

  5. Lovely color and a bit blurry makes it very nice.
    Hope to see the sun this weekend here:-)


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