Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Trees...

O Tannenbaum; our 'typical' tree...

Christmas Tree (farm) in the winter!

Some of our Christmas trees of the past...

The trees in snow; how they are so lovely!

Not to worry...(for anyone who might) North Carolina
'exports' Christmas trees and
therefore they replenish
them year round just for this purpose...

North Carolina living Christmas tree 'decked out...'

Smithsonian Christmas Tree, Washington, D.C.

I am 'thinking' trees. We will be getting our tree
(which will produce a photo or maybe two) by or
near December 15th, which is our typical custom.
North Carolina is right now wildly shipping out
Christmas trees...You see them on truck after truck,
both big loads and smaller loads. On almost every corner,
there is a tree lot... Another (somewhat) unusual
event is that, if you watch the cars coming out of our
(wee) town, about every third car has a tree on its roof.
Sometimes, one can see a string of maybe...
4 or 5 cars in a row with netted trees strapped to the
car roof (and often they have more than one tree
on the roof.) I think it is a custom for families from
other parts of North Carolina, to come up into
the High Country and procure a tree.
What a wonderful thing!


  1. That's so neat - I didn't realize that NC was such a hotbed for Christmas tree growing. I miss a live tree. My ex-husband was tireless in his applying lights to the branches so the cords were mostly hidden and it was a thing of beauty when it was done. We used to have people knock on the door and ask to come in and see it. :)

    Me - I just drape the lights around a little tree that I put in my pass through between the kitchen and dining room. And I have some beautiful Christmas things like books and music boxes that I like to sit around.

    Your trees are beautiful and I look forward to seeing this year's tree.

  2. Lynn~ In our travels when we saw field after field of Christmas trees (of all sizes)we finally got the picture!

  3. I just wrote about going to get our tree this weekend. When we lived in Avery county it was all we saw too - truck running trees day and night and all our friends making wreaths.

    A very belated thank you for your kind words about my friend I lost and sharing yours story of your sister.

    Carolina Mts

  4. Hey Cheri!Your welcome (certainly) and I'm glad that you stopped on by! Yes, Avery County is right near us!

  5. Funny, you should post about the beautiful trees, lg, while I posted about an old beauty in our neighborhood having to be cut down. I wish we could have a live tree (there are several tree farms in our area), but our cat, Missy, believes they are her personal climbing gyms and we gave up and switched to artificial - which she doesn't want to climb. I guess she's a nature lover :)

    To see the trees all covered in snow - that is some serious holiday magic! Gorgeous shots!

  6. Its hard to believe there are so many christmas trees on the move. Enjoyed looking at all your tree photo's - I often decorate a 'winter branch' these days but my kids are asking for a 'proper' tree this year... do you think I could have both?!!!
    Hello from a fairly cold and snowy northern england.

  7. Ash~
    So nice to see you here. I love the fibers and textures in your blog. Also loved the shots of frost on your plants; that was lovely!! I wish I could get away with a decorated branch! (Well, at times...) I have a teenager still at home so that just won't do!
    'Welcome' to you!


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