Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Glimpse...

of things to come!
This morning it was 27 degrees out
at 4000 feet in the Appalachians.
With car doors frozen shut it takes some extra effort
to get things moving. And yes, the snowplow came
on through yesterday afternoon and dumped big big
chunky salt on this here ol' humpback mountain road.
When winter arrives, my 'love affair'
with the snow plow begins...
(shot taken yesterday.)


  1. My sisters and I sometimes meander around the North Carolina mountains and we've gotten really off the beaten path sometimes. But then you'll see a mailbox here and then and a driveway leading to a home that can't be seen from the road. I always think of where you live and how it must be like that. It's lovely.

  2. It's beautiful and lovely photo but not looking forward to cold weather. I'm at 1900 feet so no snow yet but the surrounding mountains are snow-covered. We are getting a delivery of wood tomorrow. Hope the winter isn't too bad this year.

  3. Lovely photo. Reminds me of when we lived in Sweden. I wonder if they have snow yet.

  4. So pretty, lg! I love the transformative nature of snow. It softens all the hard edges, doesn't it?

  5. Oh so beautiful! And I envy you being that far 'off the beaten track'. I'm in northeast TN but I long to be back in a 'holler' far from humans... :)

  6. I only living at 6 meter:-) We do not have snow yet so it is very dark. It`s nice and lighter when the snow come.
    And it is beautiful like your picture.


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