Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Snug and Cozy

We are expecting 2-4 inches of snow tonight
(our first real snowfall.) According to Ray's Weather,
our source of local 'mountain weather,' the temperature
is supposed to drop about 20 degrees in 2 hours this evening.
It has been r-r-raining for two days straight
with temperatures at times, in the low 50's.
But, a fire in the hearth helps keeps the home cozy.
I have been 'wanting to' photograph the inside
of a rather big firebox that is in the dining room
of this house off of the kitchen. Two winters ago
we had a 'once every 30 year ice storm' and this fire box
prevented us from almost freezing ourselves up
(there was
a power outage that lasted for for several days.)
We cooked on the big, flat deeply black top of this box
(seafood chowder; red!) That was the year we had
an icy path to the wood pile itself that was
almost unnavigable!!
Not to worry, though (I seldom do!)
These are nice warm shots of the fire
and they might even have the capacity
to warm you right up where you are!!


  1. Looks cozy. We finally broke down and bought a generator 2009 after being without power for 4 days! It is a life saver. We don't expect much snow - but maybe ice. A friend called and said the waterfall in Newland across from the Ingles was running over the road! Yikes! I listen to Ray too and have converted a lot of folks in this area to his forecasts. Be safe and warm!

    Carolina Mts

  2. Hey Cheri! Thanks. I'll post some pics of the weather event! Ol' Ray is a lifesaver, isn't he?!

  3. That image does make me feel warmer. :) Yes - I just hauled in that infernal shedding fern again. We are supposed to go below freezing tonight.

  4. "...that infernal shedding fern,"

  5. A fireplace can be a true life-saver. I'm glad you're snug and warm, lg. We're expecting an inch or two tonight, but so far it's clear as a bell and the nearly full moon is just a-glowing in the sky.

    When we lived in the great white north, the fire was essential and I both loved and cursed it :)

    I hope that things have a chance to dry out for you before it flash freezes! Be careful!

  6. It's lovely to snuggle up with a nice warm stove for company. I miss ours.

  7. Well, I have the same view right here.. looking at my fire place. We do not have so cold weather as you (we have storm and rain), but it is nice to have it warm and it is cosy.


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