Friday, December 9, 2011


I awoke early this morning thinking about how life is.
This is how I see it. Life presents itself with
unforeseen events, hardships and the like.
Why fret and worry yourself about whether
(or not) you will be ready? Are you prepared (enough?)

Corrie Ten Boom said it like this, using a quote from
her father to exemplify...She was frightened and
nervous about losing her father, not knowing if
she could bear his loss, and that particular
morning she was begging him to always stay
(and care for her, be there for her.)
But her (wise) father answered her:

"Corrie," he began gently.
“When you and I go to Amsterdam,

when do I give you your ticket?”

“Why, just before we get on the train.”


In other words (as we have come to understand, that 'life
is like a box of chocolates
...') what we need to know, also, is...
it is
as if a clothesline is stretched out before us.
Wherever we will go (or can go) the clothesline will be.

And on this clothesline is a ticket (waiting for us)
at each
and every juncture in life.
When we encounter a trial,
the ticket is there.
Even when we lose a loved one

(about which I was thinking)
the ticket
is there.
(Even) when we 'screw up...'
or fall short--
the ticket hangs waiting.
And so on.

So much of our time is spent fretting.
But why fret?
Why be anxious? Trust and rest in
knowing that all
your tickets (strength, peace, patience,
even comfort in and for your loss;)
all these things...are waiting.


  1. It's hard getting to the age when you are losing parents and friends. I am still mourning the loss of my father two years ago. But I do take comfort that he is at peace now with no more suffering. I like your thoughts on living life free from anxiety and embracing faith.

  2. Thanks, this is an encouraging word. It amazes me at how we often we need reminded to think like this.

  3. I'm at that stage of life where it's more about what's getting taken away than about what it's giving...but that's just the natural course of life, of course. Living fully in the moments we have and making the most of them makes it all much more bearable.

    Your header shot is stunning, lg! I could look at it forever - the high contrast makes it sing!

  4. Very well written. And I love your picture, great shadow falling down.

    Thanks for you nice comment.
    Have a blessed weekend:-)

  5. Great photo and text. When I read on it became a source of encouragement to me too. Thanks for sharing and let's embrace life.

  6. Talon~ So very glad that you like the header; I'm a 60's gal;(I was a YOUNG teenager then!) and I 'still' love psychedelic posters!!! Can't help myself here!

  7. Spiderdama, So glad that you liked the post. I hope that you have a blessed weekend, yourself dear one!

  8. malaymui! Thank you for that last line that you wrote...yes, let's embrace life friend :-)
    (and...hugs to you girl!)


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