Friday, January 13, 2012

Blizzard Conditions...

Carolina Wren


The High Country of the Appalachian
mountain range is well known for its
rapidly changing weather conditions.
It was 45-ish yesterday with some rain
on and off and this morning it is less than
15 degrees with winds gusting to 45 M.P.H.
(easily!) The wind blew to 50 M.P.H.
throughout the night and of course, we have
the blowing snow with it that was promised!
Everything is closed...except the backyard bird feeders!
(Today, it was quite hard to catch the birds on the feeders
as they are twisting in the wind constantly, causing me
to eventually give up! I will venture out later on
and procure some good winter photos, I am hoping.
Some of my best photos (I believe) are of winter, here.
It is not much use to go out now in the blowing wind
and snow to try and photograph, however.
But I will admit, I am tempted! The constant
howling wind is a put off, though.
I am thinking
thank heavens
that I am not in Alaska!)


  1. We've got the snow here, too, and I like the brightness it brings. Love your Carolina Wren and Woodpecker shots, lg. My feeder is over-crowded today...the birds really need that extra fuel to keep warm in these conditions, don't they? I'll be traipsing out later camera in hand, when the wind settles a bit.

  2. We had that same howling wind last night - I was leaving the church around 8:30 and it almost knocked me over. I was planning to run by the grocery store, but changed my mind and went straight home.

    I love birds on a feeder. Those are nice pics!

    My sister used to live in Alaska - her husband was stationed at an army base there. They loved it and he always wanted to move back, but she convinced him the distance from family and the no sunlight days in the winter just made it no fun for her.

  3. Your wintry photos remind me of when we were in Sweden. I have some lovely memories of the snow and especially of the birds. Quite different to here.


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