Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gray Quiet

Far Away Hill in the Morning Fog; All is Dark

75 Foot Tree Flanked with Climbing Ivy (Still Green)

My thoughts are quiet and well grayed down today,
like the outdoor color that awaits me. As I leave the door I surmise
that this is a warm winter day. It is wet but not too awfully cold for this walk.
The well muted color in the wood all around is causing me to forget--
what summer's dense greenery even looked like.
As I turn back for home, I lift my weighted feet up the hill.
Plop, plop, go my own feet, heavy on the pavement.


  1. Enjoying your photographs SO much--gray, snow, morning, festival of color...

  2. Gail,
    Thank you so very much! I just popped over to your blog!
    lg :-)

  3. That is so lovely - you have a lovely place to walk, lg.

  4. There's something sobering about winter's palette, isn't there? Especially these times between...when winter doesn't seem especially eager to take hold. Gorgeous shots, lg. Always love your photography.

  5. Kaunista kuvausta maisemassa...
    Mestarillista 'näkemystä'...
    Tervehtien Eko

  6. Eko,
    kiitos! I hope that is right as I don't speak Finnish. Thank you for visiting this site!!!
    lg :-)


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