Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Sunrise (Glorious!)

Through the Thicket...

Through the Pines...

Through the Window (Veil)

What do you see...
through your veil?
Today, sunrise "Glorious"
beckoned me to get up
and to
out of bed--

and to apprehend these

What have you,



  1. What a blessing that you have that view through the veil, and elsewhere. Thanks for sharing, lg!

  2. That view would get me out of bed too. Nice photos and nice poem. I'm doing a nature sketching demo at the local junior naturalist club (10-11 yr. olds). They want me to do nature haikus too. Any advice on writing these would be appreciated.

  3. Lynn, It gets me out of bed! :-) I'm glad I could share it. :-) It was too beautiful to pass by.

    Appalachian Lady, First I would say to keep it simple (or course, haikus help you do that! :-)) Secondly, bring some nice haiku samples to read aloud with you. Many are about nature. I think that I've read some good Japanese haikus on dragonflies, in particular. Also, for the kids (and it helps me, too) have them tap out the sound of the syllables on their desk or clap them out. 5-7-5; there are more types as well.

  4. Glad you were kind enough to share your glorious day's beginning, lg! :)


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