Tuesday, January 3, 2012

After her Romp...

the real 'snow queen' Ginger takes her
place resting on the picnic table.
What a doll!
(If only she could brush herself,
now--that would be a real dream!)


  1. Ginger sure grew up to be a complete beauty, lg! Are they getting along better now? She's stunning (and I smiled at the brush - it's Riley's constant companion, too) :)

  2. Hey Talon. I'm so glad that you appreciate her [being that you have a large dog(s) also!] We still keep the two dogs largely separated in the house because all they still want to do is chase after one another. Also they are very jealous of our attentions and push each other around to be 'the one' getting T.L.C. for the moment. They aren't aggressive; just very unruly. When we let them out to play together we still have to break them up. Oh well.


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