Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sensual, Saturated Color!

Ornaments in a Bowl

Tangerine Sunset (in the Mountains)

Strange, Wild Flower

Cacophony of Butterflies

Wild Tiger Lily

Pretty in Purple


  1. Wow. We got snow and here is everything white (snow) and black /wintertime and our clothes :-D).

    It´s lovely to see bright colours in the middle of winter.

  2. You're certainly having fun with colour. Are those flowers flowering now?

  3. That is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing such lovely photos lg.

  4. Mari~ That was my thinking. It is incredibly dreary here today with fog-fog and rain. So I needed some perk me up! Glad you enjoyed it girl!

    Lynne~ No! We have only ragged gray-brown and tan leftovers of plants here now (remnants only), standing alone in the fog and the rain! Picture that and aren't you glad that I posted what I did? :-) They pretty purple flowers (and the rest) were blooming this past summer outside of a local popular restaurant. I had never posted them before. :-) I couldn't find color in the woods right now~ except maybe some leftover mossy toned down green...

    Lynn~ Thanks so much Lynn. I had the photo of the Christmas bulbs (which I didn't get to posting around the holidays) and I decided to pair some other WILD color photos with the bulbs. I thought the butterfly photo turned out fabulous! Who knew? I love-love 'gimping' things out...

  5. To see all those gorgeous colors when our landscape here is so devoid of it, is a pure delight! Thank you, lg :)

  6. Lovely photos and colors! Great butterflies and so many.. we do not have them here.

    Ps: Yes, it is my son on that photo you ask about.

    Hope you have a blessed week!


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