Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Foggy, Creepy Day


A Bit Creepy...

Where Does the Road Go?

"You Want to Go Ahead...Are You Sure?"

Foggy, creepy day-
Fog won't go away...
It rests around the mountain, deep
As if into our bones, it seeps...
It curls upon the hills and weeps-
Foggy, creepy day.


  1. We've had a lot of creepy fog, too. What's that about? Love how your dog looked around to see if you are coming.

  2. I love fog. The first one is lovely, nice combination of colours and black&white. Fog is not creepy... It´s interesting.

  3. Lynn, Lakhi really wasn't scared! She always looks back for me...like a good girl!
    Mari,It was c-r-e-e-p-y yesterday! Just with the broken, black trees though....:-)

  4. Sumu ja utu - kuvaajan ystävät.
    Ovat olleet mukana hienojen kuvien valmistuksessa.
    Mukava 'sumu-sarja'...!

  5. Ok I b-e-l-i-e-v-e You :-D Have a better weather tomorrow ;-)

  6. Eko- Thank you for stopping by! Your blog is beautiful!

    Mari! :-)

  7. I looove your photos! So glad I re-found you!

  8. I love fog - it takes the normal and twists it. Glad Lakhi had you for company, lg. Your photos honor the mood of the fog perfectly, lg.

  9. Ramona!
    I didn't know you 'lost' me!! But so good to have you back. Stay ((blessed!))girl. :-) I'm glad that you enjoy the pics also!

    Talon~ Thank you for that wonderful compliment.


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