Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Awoke...

this morning
to snow piled on the
(outside) of the window screen.
Much like a child (as I grew up ice skating
in a myriad of snowy, cold Wisconsin winters...)
I eagerly stood up out of bed and peered over the
windowsill to see what 'might have & must-have' transpired!
It's always a blast--for me to find snow. I can't help myself;
in this matter I am truly a much helpless child! Here are
the shots
(today) of what I am calling a 'belated and a
well awaited Christmas snow!'

I absolutely love the gray, smoky white and purple-

blue hues that accompany the snowy kind of weather event.

It transforms the world into a dreamy kind of a place...
[Yes, I am a helpless romantic kind of girl when it comes to
the weather's colors that seem to transform parts of my world.
Aren't you, too? (The way I see it is...we need --all
of the help that we can get--to stay on top of things
{well, as they are...} here. Yeah.)] :-)
The hill down; take a look and can you find my
collie dog (Lakhi) just running right off? The cold weather
these dogs, big time! They run and they hop and
they scamper with their big hair just a flying
in the wind.
The big hairy collie dogs luv-luv
s-n-o-w. Did I make my point?
I mean...they 'want to' stay out in all of this powdery snow mess
(and no matter how hard that it is blowing...) a LOT longer...
than I do!
Middle Two
: Two shots of the quiet woods
in their
light snowy morning splendor. See the 'extreme' hill
in the hollow? I love the sloping terrain there, and how the
trees still manage...to grow straight UP in spite of the
almost 60-70 degree slope they often seem to stand on!
What gives? Top: The sight out of my window
screen in this morning's light (my favorite, of course.)
any and all
of your --childhood dreams--

And remember to
dream BIG;

that's my advice,
at least.


  1. I'll bet that snow was lovely when it was falling - interesting how so often it comes during the night like that.

    I love to see dogs frolicking in the snow. I did spot your Lakhi running ahead.

  2. Wasn't she way ahead, though! She was excited by the weather!!

  3. Forgive me for being so late in replying - I haven't felt well. I love the winter palette,too. It's soothing somehow in its simplicity. We've had some snow, but I haven't been out to really appreciate it yet. Though maybe that's okay as the temp didn't climb above 4F today even with the sunshine. Our dogs, like yours, are re-energized. Our cats, however, are completely depressed :)

  4. Wow Talon; 4 is c-c-cold! Staying inside is A-O.K.!
    :-) Hope that you feel better soon.

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