Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lost Photos...

Magnificent Orb 'Caught'

Sunset Yellow (off of Beacon Heights; Blue Ridge Parkway)

Wild Striped Sky

Here are a few random,
lost photos that I retrieved
of noteworthy spring color. I am thinking
that it can 'offset' the drab doldrums
of muddy browns and gray-grays
we are left with now, this snow-less season.
Enjoy your day!


  1. Piękne, ciepłe kadry!
    pozdrawiam z zaśnieżonej Polski

  2. Thank you Galeria Prawie Codzienna and welcome to my site!!

  3. As I listen to rain falling outside and knowing that I have to get in it shortly, I welcome these sweet springtime images. Thanks, lg!

  4. Lynn~ I remember living in the deep freeze (Wisconsin) and I had a job that started at 6:55 (not unsure why here; I can't remember...) There was nothing that I hated MORE than getting up in the pitch dark (in a warm house) and thinking about leaving and going out into weather below 15 or 20 degrees with some snow and ice. I still remember that awful feeling!


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