Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Morning Song

If I could fly, I would be, the best and biggest part of me.

If I could run, I'd find the sun just as it lifts off of pine tree rungs.
If I could jump, I'd jump the moon, in a pink sky on a day in June.
If I could sing, I'd sing the birds into harmony--and they'd know the words...
If I could race, I'd race the wind, and sail up and then up, as the day begins.

All these things, I'd like to do--if I could spend my time with you.


  1. Looking at a sunrise like that, I believe you can do all those things, lg. Just gorgeous - both words and images. :)

  2. So beautiful, lg. And love the poem!

  3. Betterday today - I suppose... Lovely sunrise atleast...


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