Not Brand New

Not Brand New

It’s not brand new, but it suits me fine.
It was your granddad’s, son. Then, it was mine.
But now it’s from me and I give it to you.
It’s worn some, here--bad, but it still runs true.
Hey, it’s better than…a poke in the eye.
It runs in the family, that-- you cannot deny.
Time will tell, if it holds up good.
Those new-fangled things—I’ve never understood!
It’s time tested; it’s well broke in.
Look right here—it just needs one pin.
And a little tape, use this well-worn string--
It’ll be good as new, ’case you’re wondering…

© Karen Powell


  1. I love your poem you wrote around a crumbling, much loved barn. Lovely, lg. "Better than a poke in the eye." Love that line.

  2. Hey Lynn! That line is the line that inspired me to write the poem and it is a line my husband uses in context regularly. Lynn, you 'nailed it,' girl! Better than a poke in the eye, eh?!

  3. Lovely catching up with you. I especially enjoyed your foggy creepy day post. Love the tumbled down barn too. How clever to be able to write poems. I struggle to just find the every day words sometimes.

  4. Not very new, but very nice. It is a great photo and poem!

    Hope you have a blessed weekend:-)

  5. Lynne,
    Glad that you could catch up! I was
    well motivated by the expression "Better than a poke in the eye," which my husband uses...

    :-) Like like that first line...clever, as ever!

  6. This was lovely, lg. And your barn shot was amazing! Yes, some things are okay with some duct tape and a little TLC :)


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