Friday, January 27, 2012

Not Brand New

Not Brand New

It’s not brand new, but it suits me fine.
It was your granddad’s, son. Then, it was mine.
But now it’s from me and I give it to you.
It’s worn some, here--bad, but it still runs true.
Hey, it’s better than…a poke in the eye.
It runs in the family, that-- you cannot deny.
Time will tell, if it holds up good.
Those new-fangled things—I’ve never understood!
It’s time tested; it’s well broke in.
Look right here—it just needs one pin.
And a little tape, use this well-worn string--
It’ll be good as new, ’case you’re wondering…

© Karen Powell


  1. I love your poem you wrote around a crumbling, much loved barn. Lovely, lg. "Better than a poke in the eye." Love that line.

  2. Hey Lynn! That line is the line that inspired me to write the poem and it is a line my husband uses in context regularly. Lynn, you 'nailed it,' girl! Better than a poke in the eye, eh?!

  3. Lovely catching up with you. I especially enjoyed your foggy creepy day post. Love the tumbled down barn too. How clever to be able to write poems. I struggle to just find the every day words sometimes.

  4. Not very new, but very nice. It is a great photo and poem!

    Hope you have a blessed weekend:-)

  5. Lynne,
    Glad that you could catch up! I was
    well motivated by the expression "Better than a poke in the eye," which my husband uses...

    :-) Like like that first line...clever, as ever!

  6. This was lovely, lg. And your barn shot was amazing! Yes, some things are okay with some duct tape and a little TLC :)


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