Friday, June 1, 2012

Outfit I'm Proud of...

Way Cool
...on you remember, come on...Malibu Barbie! 
Doesn't she just rock! I think so! :-)

O.K. So I am still doing 'small sewing.' Here is an outfit that dates me 
(my latest and my greatest I'm afraid :-) ) But, I 'just can't help myself...' 
I love (love) a homemade halter top and a long jean (split) skirt
Wish that they 'fit' me, though. Oh well. Perhaps...well maybe...I will 
endeavor to shrink myself (down.) :-)
Yours, as always~ 
(This tiny little jean skirt was awfully hard 
to make, I a wantin' you to know!)
Hope that your weekend rocks, friends.
See ya back at it on Monday, though.


  1. By the title, I was hoping for more Barbie clothes. I remember Malibu Barbie - my friend had the whole shebang, including a convertible for hers. Good job!

  2. Wish I had saved my Barbie's - I gave them out!

    I don;t have your email address but I'd like to answer your comment.

    My husband's hematomas were a bit better so he is going to go 4 weeks now before the next CT scan. Thanks.

    And I am so glad you liked the 4 legged lady. Unusual story.

    Love, sandie

  3. Don't you love how fashion swings right around and Barbie's right back in fashion. Love it!

    You have tremendous patience, Karen. I love to sew, but I drew the line at making baby clothes as the smallest form :)

  4. Lynn~ I have been making more but if I showed them all you might grasp the depth of my obsession! (embarrassed!) What i would love to do is a (mock) fashion 'runway' show!!!!!!! Maybe I will figure out a way to do it (yet!) Glad that you were hoping for more...though. I can deliver! :-)

    Sorry about your Barbies, sandie! You can still recreate what you once had as a hobby...if you so desire, that is. Even one nice vintage doll might make you feel better! (In my opinion!)I am glad that your husband is making some progress and I am hoping that this continues, truly. I am hoping that you take care, also. It is very stressful on the whole, what you are going through. The story about the poor women made me sad, though! I couldn't bear to think about the intricacies of her life!

    Talon, I am getting more patient sewing (these small things.) Talon, so very glad to have 'your thoughtful comments' back

  5. Talon, I have no grandkids (yet) thus no need to sew baby clothes, although....

  6. very hip!

    Enjoy your week!
    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >


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