Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mr. Chicken and companions...

This past weekend we visited a local plant nursery that was HUGE 
in the town of Erin, Wisconsin, located in the kettle moraine 
area of Washington County (southeastern Wisconsin, USA.)

Mr. Chicken says "Hello!" 

(Spring plants are in bloom in southeastern WI, too...finally!)
Although, when we were at said nursery 
it was 41 degrees with blowing wind 
and small snow-like balls pelting 
my brown parka with the collar UP
for on and off again 

(It proves people will do 
almost anything 
to get out and see some 
lovely spring flowers...)


  1. Kim said it was snowing in Canada a few days ago, too. Crazy - it's May, for Pete's sake. :)

    Love the chickens and those gorgeous flowers! There's a fabric store near my office in Northwest Atlanta that has chickens in their parking lot. I've never quite understood this - and they seem good a dodging cars.

    Sorry to be late in commenting - I read this lovely post on Monday at work and must have gotten interrupted before I commented. Thought I had! :)

  2. Hey Lynn! Thanks so much! At last...warmer weather here! Hope you're week goes by 'swimmingly!"

  3. It's so slow at work today that I wrote a blog post. :)


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