Monday, May 2, 2016

(May) Wild Flowers in Boone, NC

Ode to a Wild Flower Patch

Tiny purple patch
the smallest of wild flower
Tiny violet patch
quaking under the wind's power
Tiny blooming bunch
you rise to greet the day
Tiny cornflower stars of blue
you grace the first of May.

Luscious, precious petal,
four and a tiny face…
too small to gather in a bunch,
the mountain wood your vase.

Tiny violet bloom
alone up on the hill,
pressed now firmly in my heart…
remember you-I will.


  1. I love wildflowers AND your lovely poem, lg.

  2. Thank you so much Lynn! We do not have a lot of flowers here yet in Wisconsin! I am scrolling back to the mountain flowers of NC! ;-)

  3. Your words, along with the photo, make a person feel all "springy" inside...

  4. Thank you Optimistic Existentialist. Glad I could do that for you. :-) Karen


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