Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Excerpt's from "Profaning the Holy."

All believer’s.
Beginner’s belief.

Quiet solitude.

Rays of sunlight.
The heavens.
The Voice of Many Waters.
That Still, small Voice.
And a quiet

A restful mind
and a peaceful soul.

A Mother’s lap. A Father’s knee.
And rocking chairs.

Gentility of ways.
(Careless ways.)
(and of course, more worrying...)

Places of rest.
Places of peace.
Sweet solitude
    and a most gentle friend...
Sweetly savored words.
A wise friend.

(Dangerous accusations.)
(Suspicious minds.)
(Drama ever unfolding.)
(More drama.)

Rays of sunlight peeping through
to a lost and dying world.


  1. This is a (rather LONG....) list poem of mine that I wrote just shortly after 9/11 (the entire manuscript is LONG, I'm afraid.) From time to time, I will post excerpts from it here to spark you and to perhaps, spur you on your unique journey. Here is mine. :-)

    Here is a 'Note to the Reader' about the reading process I hope to conjure in this process...

    "NOTES to the Reader:

    As you read the following List of Holy Moments, moments or events that are in contrast to holiness or things that are defiled (and are therefore in my estimation, in need of redemption) are placed in parentheses.

    It is my experience that often holy moments come into focus when contrasted with the unholy. At times, Holy moments can be interrupted by or preceded by or followed by unholy events or aspects of life.

    This list-poem was my own personal revelation as it relates to my own life experience; may it help give birth to your own personal revelation and your list. "

    Sincerely, Karen A. Powell :-)

  2. I admire that you can capture those feelings like that, lg.

  3. Thank you for stopping by, Lynn! ;-) I appreciate it!


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