Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Nature's COLOR!

I know it's not winter...but look at the color in this shot! 

[I was shuffling through my photos and found this one with its color and texture. 
It is from somewhere near Sugar Mountain, NC, USA. If you can ever go there you must
The views are stunning. Winter is amazing there. I shot the best winter photos 
(stark contrast of steel blue winter sky against white that I will ever find...)] 

There's nothing better than the natural hues and 
striking color variation found...in nature. 
(Still waiting for color here in good ol' WI)
"I'm waiting..."
As a girl, I do remember that one time it snowed 5 (inches) on May 5
(in Wisconsin, USA...) 
(Just sayin')


  1. How strange, I have just taken a picture of a handsome Mallard in the park and then came back to see that you had left a comment and this picture. Many thanks for your visit.

  2. Lucille!!! (((Love this!!!))) Must be..."great minds think alike!!!" ;-) Karen :-)

  3. They look as if they are shivering and huddling against the cold! Beautiful photo, lg.

  4. Thanks Lynn! I so love the COLOR and movement of the birds in this particular photo! Have a great day, Lynn! :-)


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