Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Elk River Amazing

This is
truly a beautiful
Head on.
Of course,
our visit was
very much
'upstaged' by
a group of older
teenage boys
jumping the
almost 65
foot drop. I could
hardly watch.
Out of a rather
large group,
two young men
jumped from
the radically sloped
and very slippery
large rounded
bolder top. This is definitely
NOT recommended.
The (wiser) others,
would not
even venture it
(thank God here.)
My husband happened
to snap these
while photographing
the falls.
One of the young
men caught 'Looking up.'
Amazing side
view of the
waterfall here
(Elk Park, N.C.)


  1. Oh, this always makes me wonder what my 2 sons were up to when they were that age - YIKES! My daughter is a rock climber so I know what she's up to and it still makes me nervous - lol!

    Gorgeous shots. I love the one of the boy looking up - it shows just how high the falls are and how powerful.

  2. That glimpse of the young man looking up says it all - what an exhilarating time that was. Love the photos!

  3. Thanks Lynn and Talon! So very glad that you enjoyed them! I personally love the one of the boy looking up~~also :) We are going back; it is about a 30 mile drive from where we live. We will be taking teens but I am considering Wilson Creek Gorge instead as I don't want to be responsible for ANY teens getting stcuk on the idea of 'the jump' even!!
    lg :) :) :)


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