Sunday, January 30, 2011

An Appalachian Song of Praise

Cymbals tinkling in the distance
Dancing to the night wind
Black sky like velvet, around me
The woods, quiet I can swim in

Big dipper twinkles surrounded
By stars that glitter like gold
There are so many stars in the night sky
In my mind I can touch and to hold

I think not that I will tire nor grow weary
Of mountain glories revealed
A song of praise wells up within me
Each time my soul rests on these hills.

A feast for my wanting mind's eye
is around every turn
up the big hill near the hollow
for you forever I'll yearn.

Pray tell do not forsake me
I pray these hills ever will stand
A testament to the glory of God
all fashioned by His own hand.


  1. "A song of praise wells up within me
    Each time my soul rests on these hills." - just exquisite, lg.

  2. You are indeed living in a blessed place. Lovey poem and photo, lg.

  3. Thank you Talon. I'm not sure I like the ending. It kind of just, well, falls off. I will think about it more. Someone wise once said, a poem is never really done, it's just at some point, you decide to put it to bed.

  4. Hey Lynn! So good to hear from you this A.M. I have been absorbed in family issues.

  5. E.B.
    Thank you for stopping on by glad you 'liked':):):)
    Blessings and great joy to you E.B.!!

  6. Talon~ I added two stanzas...'had to.'


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