Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ice Hair

I woke up this morning and did
the usual thing...
took the dogs out.
As I was rousing from my grog,
I began to notice strange
hairy plants all around...
I mean everywhere.
So I wrote a poem
about it (of course.)
Stand back.

ice hair here
ice hair there
ice hair

It was awesomely beautiful and downright
hairy overall.

Click to enlarge
[So that you, too,
can get the same
(rather) hairy

I'm sure that there is a scientific
name for all of this...hair.
The ice apparently
crystallized in long
spiky finger-like forms.
And, of course, being the kid that I really am,
I had to touch them. They are not as fragile
as you might think. They actually break off
(as spikes) and lay in your hand...until they melt.
Groovy-eh?? This should keep me busy today;
I mean...the wonder of it all.
The icy phenomenon lead me to ask,
does nature ever really
present itself
in the exact and very same fashion
and every
Enjoy (the heck) out of these
of the


  1. Awesome! And your hairy poem made me laugh out loud, lg!

    Isn't nature something else? Just when you think you've seen it all - something new to ponder!

  2. I need all the entertainment today, thank you! Loved the ice hair poem, lg. :) Hee hee.

  3. Wow--those close ups are amazing. I don't think I have seen anything like it. I enjoyed your ice plant poem

  4. Talon, Lynn and Appalachian Lady,
    Thanks for stopping by! Ya know...I had to work really hard to squeeze that poem out! It took allot out of me. Time for...a nap. Baaah.

  5. Thank you Rob and Mandy. I had such fun taking and weeding through these photos! Ice hair apparently doesn't last long (about 4 hours!)

    seijastiina, Thank you for joining my blog...so glad that you got a kick out of the ice hair! Welcome!!


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