Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hair Today - Gone Tomorrow :)

Ice Hair Gone Mad

Tender Ice Hair (Very Fragile, Lovely White and Translucent)

Translucent Ice hair on a Winter White Background

Long Ice Hair
(Higher Elevation...)

I (just) couldn't resist taking one dog
and hiking higher (about a mile up
across the road; circumventing 3 hollows)
to see what it was like yesterday.
The higher elevation I got,
the more prolific was the hair-
ice phenomenon! These are from yesterday
afternoon. Alas, as I was hiking, the
temperature was slowly creeping
upward ( from 20 in the early morning)
and occasionally, the wind would blow
in over the mountains. When it did, I would be
SHOWERED with little ice hairs,
all over my face and person. What was neat
as well was that all over the surface of the
crystal-white snow, there was a carpet of fallen
ice hairs, going this way and that...
forming a most delicate lattice
on the top of the snow.
It was truly unique and very
beautiful in its intricacy. However,
white on white sparkling in
bright white sunlight does
not a good photo make,
unfortunately. :)
...But I wanted you to see it.
By late afternoon, the phenomenon
of the crystal ice hair was all but gone.
Hence, hair today - gone tomorrow.
Enjoy these pics though!
(I may not hike out
today as it is colder,
snowing and blowing
blustery snow.
The woods is once again,
awash in
winter white


  1. Amazing shots, lg. And thank you for braving the weather to share them. I love the long ice hair the most - so dramatic.

  2. Talon, That last shot was of a plant on a downward slope. The wind was waving the plant back and forth constantly (the ice hair staying on; pretty tough stuff although delicate) so-it was a very difficult shot to make. It wouldn't stay still so I had to photograph it before it moved the opposite direction! Ug!
    Have a great day Talon! :)

  3. I love your imagination, lg. What a wonderful hike and I'll bet the dog loved having you all to himself (or herself.) :)


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