Monday, January 3, 2011

Cold Today

We had drizzle and some warmer temps that melted
almost all of the 18 inches of snow that we had.
But, it has now gotten C-O-L-D again
(under 20 degrees.) What is it,
about ducks that enable them to keep
their feet in that freezing water?
Why aren't their little webbed feet blue
(or something?) The dogs have been muddy,
so I have had them dipping their feet in a chilly pool;
which they hate! Chilly temps here,
but we are (at least) seeing some sun!
I am hoping to procure some shots of interest for you
when I get my chores done that I neglected
over the holidays!!!! I hope that your
New Year's celebration was peachy keen
as well! I was like a large polar bear
laying sprawled out the snow-
content and at home...
and certainly
not accomplishing all too much!
School is back in session tomorrow
(for my youngest.)
Vacation is


  1. It was cold in ATL this morning, too. About 28 degrees. How DO those ducks stand that? Curious.

  2. Great shot. A couple of years ago, I asked about the ducks on a birding trip. "Don't their feet freeze?" One birder said they don't get cold because supposed they don't have nerves in their feet. But then, how do they move their feet without nerves?

    It's cold here but not that bad--40s during the day and 25 at night.

  3. drink some hot coca,
    warm up...

    lovely imagery.
    the image is elegant.

  4. I went looking for ducks and geese to shoot (with my new camera, of course - lol) and none to be found. Seems we're having similar weather...snow, followed by a sudden thaw followed by now bitter cold...and a landscape that isn't as inspiring as it could be...

    Here's wishing you and your family a blessed and beautiful 2011, lg!

  5. Appalachian Lady~ Funny thought- no nerves! Wouldn't their feet just then flop??! :)

    Jingle- Hot coca; great idea! I will. It was hard to catch them in a constant state of flux and squawking; Thank you :)

    Yes Talon; I ventured to the High Country (Blue Ridge mountain tops) today to find inspiration and some compelling scenery!!!!! I know just what you mean! :)

  6. Hey Lynn! Hope that you day is filled with love! I would have the palsy (if I were a duck stuck- in ice H20, I mean) !


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