Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On Letting Go

That You Would Say “I’m Sorry”


Words would sooth

the ribbon cuts that you made

by your heartless actions

by your veiled simple cruelties

by your calculated


to pull out all of the underpinnings in my life

and see to

the crafting of my demise.

What drove you to this?

What motivated you?

The vexing nature of this thing

hangs ‘round me as a chain

to this day-

but there are

no words



  1. Sometimes you do just have to let go.

  2. Agreed Lynn. It is this that I am learning.

  3. Sometimes situations happen and the reason why remains a mystery...and it lingers and sometimes it festers, too. It's helpful to write it out, I find.

    Lynn is right, but, oh, that can be difficult at times.

  4. Talon, thanks for stopping by. Serious post today. Need a better photo to go with it (it is not about the person in the pic posted.) Yes, I once read something along the lines of this "...If you live long enough you will experience having to live through the betrayal of a friend." The post is about the nature of such a betrayal.


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