Thursday, January 13, 2011

Summer Reflections in the Midst of Winter

This photo was one
of my early

photographs taken on a
beach in Florida.

It was taken, perhaps 20
minutes too late (as it is dark)

but I still love its vivacious
and its

Colors really get this bold
on the beach.



  1. That is so pretty - I have a similar reflection shot that I have not posted yet. Only it is at my concrete jungle office building. :) The snow usurped that photo posting - maybe next week.

  2. Hope that you do post it Lynn~ great!

  3. The sunset really does paint a world with the most amazing colors. What a gorgeous shot, lg! Lynn's photo is a stunner, too. I had a sneak peek :)

    I came across some summer photos today and I closed them quickly - it made me miss the warm weather and all the gorgeous flora and fauna too much!

  4. That shot is perfect with lots of color. It pays to wait until after the sun sets!


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