Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Event Commences

Yes. We are snowed in. Here in the High Country,
this is a regular event during the heart of the winter.
After about 4-5 inches of the white powdery stuff
many (if not most) of our roads are built with
too steep of an incline to get traction. Last night,
in a lightening idea brainstorm (could be, cabin fever?),
we decided to try and venture out to get....
deer corn (of course-we don't
want the deer
to go hungry!)

We had had about 5 inches of snow,
and we concocted
(mistakenly) that our tough
all wheel drive
Mercury Mountaineer
tank with big
tready tires...could (easily) hack it.
We did get down off the mountain to a rather
long steep incline that goes up (to us) off of the
main highway (which might have been plowed) but
after spying a women in a minivan partly on the
road/partly in the ditch, we tried to stop the car
on the incline. We kept sliding...and sliding....
so we did surmise (mutually) :)
to turn around and head back home.
In fresh snow, we have found if we keep
the vehicle moving (on an incline even)
we can continue on our journey.
You wouldn't want to stop.

When the Big Plow (we love love love him)
comes through
(which it usually does daily,
except in the case of a
nasty long drawn out blizzard,)
he puts down a
huge spray of sand and of salt
making the road navigable

(until the snow again covers this.)
We usually piggy-back ourselves on the plow,
going out just right after he comes through
and does his miraculous work.

They are forecasting snow largely
for all of next week.
The down side for my teenage daughter is,
the local high school will probably be closed
all week
(again, largely because the mountain
roads here
are too dangerous for snowy travel
due to their pitch and their incline.)

She is sad (about this) and will
have to make up all time off by adding on to the
school calender at the end of the year (summer!)
or by attending school on good weather Saturdays.
And then-there are exams to make up, which
tends to make her nervous. But we are well.
As always, I will keep you


  1. There is danger in all that I'm glad you turned back.

    I'm sorry your daughter will miss school and have to make it's hard to think either Saturdays or summer days are the ones we want to spend in a classroom so I feel her pain :)

    Stay warm, lg! And thank you for the gorgeous photos!

  2. Talon~ It's interesting how things work out though. I took the younger dog, Ginger down the curve of our road to our neighbor's house to tell them we had such trouble on the main road up, and they had extra deer corn which they drove up to our house! How 'bout that?!
    We will stay warm and I will endeavor to try and keep the pics coming down the pike.

  3. I'm a little worried about the woman in the minivan. Hope she got out all right and glad you got back home safely, lg.

    The snow sure is pretty.

  4. Lynn~
    When our neighbor came up there was a police officer with her; also she yelled to us as we were sliding by that someone was coming! It is seriously pretty here and I am liking the snow and the cold.

  5. Love the photos. We have less snow but have the same forecast for next week--light snow every day and bitter cold weather.


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