Monday, January 31, 2011

Misty Monday

Mist-it enshrouds us this morning
Vapor it hangs in the air
Everything gray all around us
And so we sit and we stare

Was that an apparition I just did see
behind me, no-over there?
Such is the Appalachian way
in the mist, tread here
but also beware.


  1. Not spooky :-D Calm and I´d love to sit there only with my own thoughts...

  2. Boo! Lynn! :)

    Mari~Thank you for stopping by! Yes, it is a very good place to contemplate life. :)

  3. I think any spirit encountered in the mountains would be an interesting one for sure. Love this, lg!

  4. This made me think of how sometimes I think I see someone's shadow, but then am not sure.

    I was standing at the copy machine at an old building a few months ago and felt someone behind me. I turned and no one was there. I walked out into the hallway and it was empty. I asked a woman who works there, "Do you have ghosts?" She said, "Did you feel someone standing behind you? You need to talk to Jane." Turns out that Jane feels a presence all the time, too. :)

  5. Lynn~ This has happened to me the last few weeks up here! I'll have the sense that there's a presence like in my peripheral vision and then perhaps behind me...but upon turning...nothing. It's a bit more unnerving at dusk or in the fog or the mist. I have tried very hard to face & to overcome my fear of being alone in the woods (as I now live in the midst of them) and almost all of the time now I enjoy the solitude!


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