Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolute Things: 2011

Things that are resolute:
The rocks of the Appalachian Trail
The mess of my son's room (thus far...)
...That the wispy streaks of cloud
will be whipped up by mountain currents
(looking just like sky cotton candy
as they travel onward...upward)
That I will spy
a new moon
to abandon myself to...
That I will walk through
the melting and the return
of all things snow...
That man will write and write and write
(There is more yet, to be said...)

That my bed feels good
That my heart will be stirred
That the calendar will soon turn (again)
and that
I am
the lazy days
of summer.


  1. Beautiful, lg. I love your resolute list.

    Wishing you and your family a most blessed and beautiful 2011!

  2. Thank you Talon :)

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year as well....2011; a little slice of heaven!

  3. Your life sounds so wonderful, lg. I love your list. :)

    Happy New Year!

  4. If you are the "lazy days of summer" I am the rustling wind of winter.

  5. Wow Lynn~ That's such a nice thing to say. Thank you! The mountains here make life a joy! There was a time when I didn't think that; when my son was really sick for about three years I couldn't think straight. Life was hard then (although when you're in it~ you don't know it.) I'm in a kind of steady state now, and that's good.

  6. Keith~ I love you. Yes~ we are perhaps, 'opposites...' but...don't they attract?
    Keith would rather say "the restless wind of winter" and wanted to change his post.

  7. best wishes, love your blog,
    your poetry is simply unbeatable.

  8. Greetings! How are you?

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    Hope to see you in, Happy Tuesday, best wishes for the year of 2011.
    Bless you…



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