Thursday, March 24, 2011


Tender Blue Beauty
{This one is in memory of Elizabeth Taylor (today)...}

Cloud On Mountain Ridge Descending

Heavens Meet Mountain

The Big Roll Over

Today's View

These shots were taken
this morning on a very blustery day.
I was literally tossed around outside the car while
I procured these photos...With winds gusting up to 65 MPH
atop the Blue Ridge Parkway I thought
that I might fly away!
But glorious
it was up there today!
Taken just in time with partial sun
as it is now clouding up!


  1. I'm glad you battled the winds - the shots are glorious, lg.

    Elizabeth Taylor - such a beautiful and charismastic woman. May she rest in peace...

  2. Hey Talon. I was amazed when you posted yesterday that you had 6 inches of snow! It was 35-38 degrees up in the mountains but with the 60+ winds after about 20 minutes shooting outside (and I didn't have a hat or gloves) I was COLD!

  3. So beautiful! I love that you named one for Elizabeth Taylor.

    We have had high winds during the last several hours, too, but I imagine it is worse on top of a mountain.

  4. I tried to brace myself against a big tree, but it was just too difficult. I must have looked hilarious, though. :)


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