Tender Blue Beauty
{This one is in memory of Elizabeth Taylor (today)...}

Cloud On Mountain Ridge Descending

Heavens Meet Mountain

The Big Roll Over

Today's View

These shots were taken
this morning on a very blustery day.
I was literally tossed around outside the car while
I procured these photos...With winds gusting up to 65 MPH
atop the Blue Ridge Parkway I thought
that I might fly away!
But oh...how glorious
it was up there today!
Taken just in time with partial sun
as it is now clouding up!


  1. I'm glad you battled the winds - the shots are glorious, lg.

    Elizabeth Taylor - such a beautiful and charismastic woman. May she rest in peace...

  2. Hey Talon. I was amazed when you posted yesterday that you had 6 inches of snow! It was 35-38 degrees up in the mountains but with the 60+ winds after about 20 minutes shooting outside (and I didn't have a hat or gloves) I was COLD!

  3. So beautiful! I love that you named one for Elizabeth Taylor.

    We have had high winds during the last several hours, too, but I imagine it is worse on top of a mountain.

  4. I tried to brace myself against a big tree, but it was just too difficult. I must have looked hilarious, though. :)


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