Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Unusual Beauty

Look Closely: A Tree Collecting Stones

Lovely Fog

Tangled Vine

These are some of our more unusual
photos of trees and such from the High Country.
you see the heart shapes hidden in the big vine?
Also, I never thought that I would see a tree
that is a rock collector (like I am...!)


  1. Those are lovely smooth stones, too. I have a small stone that I picked up on the bonnie banks of Loch Loman. I use it sort of like a worry stone. :)

    Yes - I can see the heart shapes - lovely.

  2. What a great eye you have for interesting shots! I can see the hearts in the vines. Nice post.

  3. I wonder what the tree is planning to do with all those rocks, lg? :)

    I love the overlapping hearts!

  4. Lynn~ Oooh. I would so love to have a stone from there! Awesome truly!

    Appalachian Lady~ Hey! I am glad you liked the photos. I was amazed by the vine and its intricacy; we have huge and old vines here that grow very high up on the big ol' trees.

    Talon~ Wasn't it a bit odd truly
    :-) Glad you could see the heart shapes in the vines as well.


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