Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hawk's Beak

I have endeavored to recreate the photo
that I currently use in my header.
Somehow, the photo doesn't perhaps look real...
but it is! These two shots were taken just
around sunset on a relatively clear day from the
same location as the top shot (but a year later!) It demonstrates
the ripples of mountain ranges in the forefront
that we are surrounded with here in the Appalachians.
The sharp and curved little mountain top
protruding is aptly named "Hawk's Beak." There is a
faint orange-yellow line in the sky that is mesmerizing!
I love the way the tree line shows up
almost inky-black in a shot at sunset
in the Appalachians...


  1. The layers of color from deepest to lightest is just beautiful, lg!


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