Monday, March 28, 2011

Turkey on Parade and Fabulous Forest Views

This amazing gully or hollow was filled to the brim with
absolutely straight trees...hundreds and hundreds of them.

The High Country has the best big, strong trees!
They truly are ...lovely. :)
Tom Turkey: We 'spied' a flock of about 15 or so big
turkeys in a nearby field. This proud male
(the only male) obliged us with a full showing
of his marvelous colors! I had no idea
that turkeys were so extremely
colorful and varied.
On our frequent road trips
we always find such surprises!


  1. He is certainly a fine fellow! And the trees are wonderful.

  2. Hey Lynn~ Yes, isn't he just one fine specimen? Frankly, I did not know a turkey could look so good! But there he was, wild and standing in a field! (And showing off for the Ladies...)


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