Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fabulous Forsythia, Barn With a Quilt and a Surprise...

On a brief photo journey today, I 'spied'
a cute barn with a quilt and
as I drove
up the horse in the pic

(second from the bottom)

snuck his head out and whinnied
as if to say
"Are you the one
with my food?"
Top Several

The forsythia are in full bloom
right now and fabulous to behold!


  1. Oh my, lg! Those forsythia shots are glorious! I feel like I can reach through the screen and touch them. And the horse peeking from the barn? That's priceless! I am so jealous seeing these photos - we finally got rid of all the snow and ice and we woke to 6" this morning. There's something about these spring snowstorms (while pretty) that are so depressing. I'm just glad my crocos haven't bloomed yet - I always feel bad when they get a white blanket :)

  2. All lovely things! The forsythia is on the wane there, but has been beautiful. Love the quilt and the horse that just knew you have a nurturing spirit.

  3. beautiful forsythia!! they are plentiful here too, may be i should just go out for a walk and shoot some photos.


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