Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Writer's Block

On Frittering Away Time

A writer is an expert

On frittering away the time

Anything except

Commitment to the verse and rhyme

Stay away from muses

Paper and the pen

And cultivate excuses for the malaise to start


Writer’s block-it’s got me

Tied up in a ball

Stymied once again

Oh shoot-my back is to the wall!

My thoughts, they are a vapor

Flying to the air

When they are gone I am not sure

If there are many more to spare…

I’ll cultivate a phobia

Or a neurotic flair

What if I put on my scarf

Or take a walk up there?

No! I’ll create a heroine

And she can take my place

Deciding which verse to keep

And which to, of course


Anything except to face


(And audience alike…)

To delve way down deep

Where my secrets sleep

And grant to them, a life.

(Copyright K.A.P. 2011)


  1. I like this thought of granting life to secrets down deep.

  2. I always love poems so eloquently written about writer's block - I like how the block itself creates. I loved this poem, lg! I want one of those heroines making those critical decisions :)

  3. Yes Lynn; that is the essence of our self; do we risk sharing?

    Talon, A book I am reading written by an editor about writing stirred me on to write this...:)

    Yes, when 'she' arrives I will gladly loan her out.


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