Monday, March 21, 2011

la lune magnifique

A spring moon
does more than light
the blackness of the sky.
It speaks to the heart
of the watchful One
overseeing both you and I.

A spring moon
lights the room,
white light
A spring moon
lifted high, brings with it
soft light to make things clear.

It rests gently on the pillow.
It develops puppets to play on the wall.
It is not overcome by the shadow of night,
a comfort to one and to all.

So if you happen to find it,
a pasted orb up in the sky...
take care to study and to wonder upon
the majestic moon
on its course passing by.


  1. I liked this, lg - the moon IS majestic.

  2. There's something so pure about moonlight - cool and beautiful. I love your moon shots, lg!

  3. Great Lynn; yes, that is the word that came to mind...

    Thank you Talon! It was so full and silvery last night. Alas, I was tuckered out and just viewed it from the bed...but could not rise to photograph it!


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