Saturday, March 5, 2011


Photos from previous springs
( is a gray and rainy day here.)
Top: The daffodils were in bloom in the
High Country by March 27th last year.
I will go back to this spot and take a peek soon!
Bottom Two: 11 baby ducks and a magnolia blossom
celebrate spring (if you can say that
they have one!) in Florida.


  1. We have the same grey skies and rain here today (supposed to change to snow tonight, but I'm hoping not or it's going to a huge skating rink). Lovely shots, lg. What sort of duck is that? She's lovely!

  2. Today is gray and rainy so your post cheered me up. I especially like the daffodils and ducks. Spring does feel like it's coming closer...

  3. Talon~I'm not sure what kind of duck~ but she was colorful! Not all the eleven babies that I counted showed up in this shot~though.

    Appalachian Lady~ So glad that I could offer some cheer. My last post was so serious~ I thought that it might be good to counter balance it with a lighter note. :)

  4. It's raining all over the world, it seems. Gray here, too. But your photos sure brighten my day. Thanks, lg. :)


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