Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Photo and a Poem

Top: A hazy day
and the view

Soon to be

"On Poem Writing"

Some words jingle, foam and pop;
sweet dainties of the mind-delight.
Like twangle, dangle, smoof and pling-
words that make my heart-song sing.

There are those words that 'ping' the night-
they sneak up fast behind with fright.
Like hooga, dooga, swarf and blight;
they grab your ankle--snarl and bite.

Like mit, and split, and stagger-twain;
they haunt like spirits...and remain.

Words like soldiers flood my cortex,
piling high; a thought-filled vortex.

A small battalion, they hold me fast;
accusing voice: "You battle-ax!"
Just let us fly away-
or we'll take you to court today!"

Terse and mean; they oft dispute;
"Let us out...avoid 'bad' lawsuit!"
They shake their finger, they rock the boat
and when they're out--they sometimes gloat.

But after all is said and done,
words like friends are lots of fun;
they link arms and settle down
to bring joyful blessing all around.

Like"...joie de vie" or "jolly elf,"
just stash these words upon your shelf.
And if a rainy day consumes, or black pitch-filled night
--it finds you;
just take words out and shine them up
to grace your head, revive you.

...They lead you on; they save the day-
words can take your breath away.
Adorning gems or jewels that glisten-
take them out and 'oft to listen.

Windswept, racing, vast filled rooms-
encrusted ones; dug up from tombs.
Like burnish or skirmish or gobbledygook
these words to use--require work.

So when you're lazy or your mood; it's gray
take them out and 'oft to play.
They might sing, or jump, or move
but they will help you find a groove
to produce a haunting tune,
of a blue haired girl
'neath a pink-yellow moon
or of a sailboat lost at sea--
words can tell you own story.

So don't delay,
put your pen down
and satisfaction in words--
be found.

(Copyright K. Powell, 2010.)


  1. Congratulations, lg! That's a wonderful poem. I love words, too, and I love this poem! You crafted a great one.

    And that photo is lovely. The trees make an awesome frame for the view.

    Hope your loved one gets well soon! Sending positive thoughts and prayers.

  2. Thank you Talon
    So very glad liked the poem.
    It means allot to me as i respect your writing and...your opinion. It is being published in an E-journal that has a 'real live' published writer/editor called "Joyful!"

  3. I like your poem with its frolicking words - and congratulations on getting it published. That is very cool.

    The photo is pretty cool, too, and makes me wish I was standing in that spot.

  4. Wow Lynn! Thanks! I would be glad to have you with me on my walk! It is a great birds-eye view; quiet, peaceful and calming. The mountain wind wiggles the ground covering plants back and forth, back and forth...


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