Friday, July 16, 2010

Front Yard Happenings

Today's Guessing Game:
Answer and assign the
appropriate number
to the photo.

1. Front Yard Movie
(Now Playing...)
Attack of the:
t_ _ _
_ _ _ _

2. What flower is this?

3. Bee's Playground


  1. Now that is definitely "Attack of the Killer Mushrooms"! Those are scary looking (but really neat).

    I love sunflowers - especially as they slowly unfurl. Aren't you afraid the crows will come for the seeds, lg? (Sorry, I couldn't resist teasing you!)

    Your garden looks so lovely!

  2. Good job Talon. I know- I wish that i was a "mushroomologist;" they look intimadating and are very hearty. Edible or not? I can't tell but i know that mushrooms are far too dangerous to try.
    lg! Have a good day & an awesome weekend Talon; dear one.

  3. I thought they went in order at first, so I was going to say, "Attack of the Spider Woman" for the sunflower. :) I know that's a stretch, but that came to mind. :)

    So what kind of flowers ARE those? No clue, here.

    I hope the mushrooms don't attack!

  4. The big yellow flower opening up is a rather tall sunflower (I will keep you updated on its progress:))and the patch of flowers (A Bee's Playground; as they are often filled with bumble bees) is a circle of wildflowers planted from seeds! All colors and sizes....
    Have a G-r-e-a-t weekend Lynn and thanks for stopping by!!

  5. My thought was "Attack of the Toad Stools!"
    (Now playing.)


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