Monday, July 19, 2010

Tennessee Photo Journal: A Saturday's Journey

Favorite Pics:
Our car trip
into Tennessee
was filled
with beauty
and so relaxing.
What a great day!
Along with
some pretty
country stores
and a few diner-type
where we met
some great, friendly,
kind and helpful
people along
the way~~
we were able
to procure
these shots...
bee hives
all in a row,
a lively green
barn quilt,
and the
in a secret
of some kind
by a shallow
river bed.
it was all about~~
they were excited!!


  1. Those butterflies do look as if they are having a meeting. :) Love that. I'm glad you had a nice trip, lg.

  2. Those bee hives are glorious! I think that's a photo you should enlarge and frame - it's so awesome, lg!

    The butterflies - what a cool capture that is! I wonder what the meeting was about? :)

  3. Lynn~ We spent about one hour down by the river bed with all the butterflies; it was great and so relaxing. They fluttered all about and we could get very close to them. What a wonderful place and we hope to go back. A real butterfly convocation in the shade and smack dab next to a running, cool creek.

  4. Hey Talon :) Thank you! If you click on the hive photo when enlarged it still holds its own...I was pleased myself! Maybe I will enlarge it. I am a real sucker contrasting for color and great lines...


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